The Tiger Ate Mom

Once upon a time, there was a mother who did not care for her children. She did not feed them when they were hungry, she did not water them when they were thirsty, she did not comfort them when they were scared and she did not sing lullaby to put them to sleep. Her children were thin and pale.

A fierce tiger came to town to find food. It found the family of kids and did not feel like eating any of the children. They were too scrawny. The mother, who took little effort to take care of her family, was fat and juicy. So the tiger ate the mother.

He looked at the kids, and took them one by one, nape in mouth, to their father. He roared: take care of them or I will eat you before them!

The father dutifully took care of his children. They grew big and strong. One day, they were playing in the yard and saw a big cat. So they toyed with it, and finally killed it for the skin. They made a nice winter coat for their kind father. But little did they know, they also took revenge for their mother.

The love our world has for us is amazing.

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