One time, at religion camp (non-pc, skip to avoid vulgarity)

I told a blind woman: hey you are stomping into a shit puddle and splashing me with turd juice!

She says back after some deliberation: who are you? Jesus Christ? You are just as blind as me,you shouldn’t judge me. Truly you probably put that puddle there to set a trap for me.

I say to her: wait!! What?? You are blind not anosmic! Why are we even having this conversation? Why would I do that to you!?!? Why am I even at this camp!? And now you are just shitting an pissing into the puddle standing upright, is this incontinence camp too?

She says: you are just jealous that I thought of it first…

Oh no, now you are douching yourself with it.. I cannot watch this any more…

(oh wait that’s actually kind of smart, because now I, a man, cannot, within my imagination, copy the idea you presently practice.(sorry, despite present absurdities, I still have a little residual sense of wonderment about the products of people conditions and processes))

And the day continues this way, and day after day..

Seriously this seriously happened, come and smell me. (Now a few years later, the oder should be palpable still)

Ps, as always, I whole vehemently deny and disavow any connection with or even similarity to real world people, things or events of past, present or future.

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