Was Axial Japanese as bad as European Nazi’s?

I’ve pondered this question recently. It was largely stirred by a memory of a faint thread in the media or interweb connecting and equating the Japanese massacring Chinese people, such as the Nanjing massacre, to the mass killing of Jews in the Holocaust. The thread compared numbers, and talks of the alliance to rid earth of lesser races.

(Now putting on my duly red blooded American hat) that’s probably Chinese communist propaganda. It’s hard to say this without diminishing the Chinese pain and suffering, but it’s really is possible that Japanese did not try to cleanse Chinese race as the Nazi did Jews. It really is possible that what Japanese did in the Chinese invasion was due to pure greed for land and material and not for some twisted political agenda based on racial cleansing?

I will learn more about the history of my people and the Japanese to understand it better.

It does matter.

The people making the claim that Japanese killing of Chinese is of equal evil to perps of Holocaust obviously has the right to assert that and deserves a proper response–even if they are freaking commies. What the perpetrator thought and believed in does matter as to the degree of the offense.

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