HD: better or worse?

For some reason, I’m watching a top 15 ballerina collection on YouTube on an iPad Pro.

The ballerinas movements do not look graceful to me at all. All these famous ballerinas at famous ballet theaters… their movements look so… bulky. Imprecise. I can see the last kick wasn’t to same height and speed, very clearly. I can see her shake holding a posture, I can see her hip sway asymmetrically. I can see every single wrinkle come and go on top of other wrinkles. I can see her foot not landing at the same spot because there’s a dent in the floor where she stepped last. I can see her exerting to make each and every leap–all the effort is visible! I can hear the notes not starting at same time. I can hear the directors movements just before I hear the music move…

I think it’s the HD and the computers ability to render clear image at higher rates gives image a more steady fidelity that enables me to see all these (even on grainy YouTube videos by especially HD videos)

The consequence is that I think the ballets needs all to be re-choreographed for HD(or higher) recording. The folks at lytro and apple must be having a ball with his problem. when you see more, you see more of everything the good and the bad.

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