The Inspiration of American Way

Why Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness inalienable rights?

Life is inalienable because people do not exist without life–it is an existential requirement.

Liberty is inalienable because we believe it is required.

What about the pursuit of happiness? Why is this so important? Let us put aside all that evolutionary mumbo-jumbo about happiness endorphins are evolved to tell us all that is righteous about us… That statement needs as much evidence as God.

One wonders if there is wisdom in the founding fathers declaration? Why pursuit of happiness?

This idea is very foreign to many grand themes, if you look at great documents of high aspirations, do we not always call upon something outside the human conditions, something greater and a priori to us to give support to the ideals?

At least in Asian cultures, the forsaking of selfish needs have always been required characteristics of heroes and leaders. Jesus died for you. He gave his life liberty and happiness in this world… (for one example)… the archetype of most holy worthiness is self sacrifice and suffering of all that is undesirable. I suppose there is Nirvana, which targets a happiness. But keep in mind that the prescription of said doctrine for achieving it involves much suffering and sacrifice, also one needs to be mindful that it is a different happiness that that which we are familiar with. Americans does not claim happiness to be supernatural.

Why then, was America founded on happiness?

And you may criticize me for being extreme and uneducated about the matter, but I will cite dead poet society (movie) for a quote about the maladies of “excessive happiness”–it is quite common place to think happiness is not all that it is hyped to be.

How then, do Americans sustain themselves on happiness (and life and liberty of course)??

I seek an understanding of this.

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