Another one of those days(retro)

You wonder if this is another one of those days. The cal train slows down due to an accident, you cancel your ride home from the pickup location. The slower ride actually gets u home sooner because it makes your stop.

But just as you cancel the ride, the conductor comes on the PA, hangs up. You finalize your cancelation of your ride for good and Hang up. He comes on again and says your stop is cancels and he’s going to take you to where your ride was going to be before you canceled it.

Nah! His hesitation, that wasn’t him waiting for you to complete your ride cancelation. He wouldn’t hold up a track full of thousands of people just to screw with you. But this has to be the worst coincident. The train proceeded slowly into the station and all rides are missed.

Its these times when you know they really are messing with your mind. Beyond a doubt! The train conductor gets paid either way. Doesn’t matter if I stand here for a long time away from family.

I see a balding old man standing there. Excitedly talking to a fellow passenger. Man what poor soul, so old and still commuting with young person like me in these rust buckets. Mold wagons. Germ pubs; Stink-easies.

In a few years that will be me… gray, balding, wine-bottom-bottoms for glasses, still riding Caltrain. Being messed with by people who are paid either way… sigh it’s only three more steps to the right to prevent that from happening.

The Deamon is live and strong in these Palo Altan Caltrain tracks.

I step right, the old man waves, seemingly at me. They train rides north… soon, my two and half hour commute home will come to an end. I even left work before 5 today trying to get home to spend some time with my kids! 

Man! One of those days…

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