The wall!

Chinese people built the largest wall ever, the Great Wall. Actually I guess it’s actually The Great Walls, as it was built and rebuilt a few times.

It would seem to me that Mexican wall could have an upside. It is bottom-up stimulus basically if it is built by American hands. It would cause a large migration of certain construction workers to migrate to live nearer to the fence southern United States. Nothing terrible here.

Let’s see, one definite possibility is placing solar panels on the side of the wall and on top to generate electricity: might pay for the wall this way. But the Mexican or American kids might throw stones and break the panels. Fine add drone monitoring, maybe let autonomous drones shoot rubber pellets at kids throwing stones.

Maybe there would be a chat bot, multi-lingual of course, that tries to reason with the perp. Or maybe several drones will swoop down to surround her barraging non-lethal body parts with non-lethal deterrent-say pepper spray. Is it allowed? Heck yes, they do it to college students in America, of course it’s allowed on Mexicans…

Face recognition of course, although it might learn faces of a lot lizards too.

All this seem somewhat unimaginative today. 

One wonders if it would stop drug imports? If so, that actually seems like a very bold step to take. According to America dramatization this making and shipping of drugs from Latin America to the US is huge business! Apparently it is also very violent. Any small town person might not even know about it (the voters) actually one wonders if these powerful drug dealers have actual power in the United States that politicians fear to fight them? Perhaps president Trump is actually an unacknowledged hero?

Then there is the pure and unadulterated dislike for Mexicans. Maybe a lot of people here actually do literally want less Mexicans. I mean I see a lot of Chinese visitors when I go hiking and some times I wish there were less people, and consequently a lot less Chinese people, on the hiking trails. Com’on even if by world population ratio, it should be reasonable to expect around 20% of hikers and not 75% or more the way I see it. But of course that should be done within the framework of American human freedom and capitalism. (This would create a problem for smaller minorities where there is not enough population here to admit even one individual due to proportionality requirements. But that isn’t the problem right now. Heck one can probably disproportionately increase population of smaller minority Asians just to keep these darn Chinese under control!)

I think we need to satiafy this need to control our immigration. If it is perceived that we have no control, then that’s a perceived incompetence that needs to be overcome.

Mexico is a growing manufacturing power house. I cannot imagine that China is very upset about straining relationship between the US and Mexico. Putting up a wall and charging a passage toll of some sort based on value of goods being transported might be a good way to recover wall building costs of the wall. Of course, matching toll shall be levied on Chinese goods for good measure to pay for all these hiking trails.

Curious how this would play out. Also, this blog calls for all American politicians to respect human rights and human equality within confines of America. It would also be great if people who are here feels that the system for admission is a just one.

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