New pres

I’m listening to the innuargrual address from basement of wholefoods. I’m charging my Nissan Leaf here for free. Protest is keeping me out of the office garage today.

On the bright side, you know he will leave a gaudy mark on the White House, perhaps it will be remodeled and real estate price in DC will rise.
I think one thing that comes to mind is how everyone would feel if Trump is broken by his presidency… yeah yeah whatever strong rich successful time tested media tested reality tested whatever’s. Politics and time breaks everyone… think of it, once rich and proud Trump wealthy in all ways will in a few years be broken and broke… his kids… his family… his kids’ kids, this could end very very ugly of someone. “Some one is going home fired tonight” sound bite comes to mind.

And actually I’d feel guilty and a little sad if that happens… I mean it’d look bad for USA, and my own wellbeing will certainly suffer concurrently.

Finger crossed, malice to none, goodwill to all.

Hey did anybody notice that it started raining very heavily after Trump was elected? We had a huge draught during Obsma’s presidency and now Trump, a non-environmentalist, is president, it rained a lot this winter after his win. 4-6 FEET in the sierras in the next few days…. I don’t know what to say… the irony

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