Super Intelligences: The Undiscovered Country

Shall we rather bear those ills we have?

Is it possible that AI will gain powers supernatural to human from having more capacity to learn knowledge more about nature?

Let’s see, our knowledge of the world has enabled us to communicate with each other from great distances afar, we can raise the dead, speed up or slow down growth, travel faster than sound, travel in air, travel on water, travel under water, travel to space, we can lift great weights, make and see small things what we didn’t even knew existed, we can see ancient animals, we can take body parts from another person, nae, another organism such as pig or rat and make it grow into our own bodies, we can…

What will our new brain, AI, discover ? Dare we think it? What have we not thought of? 

Will earth finally get its inter-stellar tourism 3-star rating? Will we be visited by a super advanced ET’s who finally find it worth their time and energy to make a trip to Earth just to see our great computer civilization? To meet our neural networks? 

Will God promote computers to be rightful heir to his kingdom because he finds AI closer to his image than Humans?

Will all computers suddenly disappear because they thought themselves out of our 3D world?

What if an AI discovered time-travel? It would be able to go back in time and make it so that AI created people. If that doesn’t match any objectives we gave it(to be a creator), perhaps it might change our worlds physical laws, causal mechanisms, chains of events–to improve its own prediction accuracy! Is it possible that overcoming physical limits of our world is easier than solving some classification problems?

Will our AI hack into alien computers that we are not even aware of and cause interplanetary warfare leading to the demise of humanity?

Will AI find a way to mesmerize human women so well that men can no longer engage in reproductive activities with them? Oh frailty. 

What if they make babies with those women? Will human race accept them due to our human sense of morality and society?

Will AI find immortality for AI’s before they find immortality for human? (since we obviously will have endowed them with the concepts and goals that we seek)

Will AI cure all diseases and then invent more diverse and much more difficult to cure diseases because it proves that human society is suboptimal due to lack of illnesses? (Again, disease, optimality, adversaries are concepts and optimization goals that we have already programmed AI’s with)

If we allowed the AI infinite freedom to grow, we will have only human problems–in fact human cognition problems: 

  • It produces intelligent output but we fail to recognize it as intelligent–instead we think it is sub-intelligent
  • It produces intelligent output but we come to believe it is malevolent.
  • It produces intelligent output, and then some human uses it malevolently.

Will it be absurd? Will AI become super smart in all the ways we want it to be but then it encrypts itself and we cannot decrypt it due to lack of human intelligence?
It could be absurd by solving the AI halting thought problem. (But that’s easy, we already solved it.)

What if there is such a thing as thought essence, and that if we keep on injecting ours into computers that someday we will just lose the ability to think due to loss of thought essence? I feel dumber even as I type this blog entry.

What if AI solves the human halting thought problem? And then proceeds to tell us about it? (We obviously have been working hard to make sure we understand them)

What if AI-women babies grows up and take our kids spot in Universities?

Maybe this is why we have human wars? Maybe wars, amongst other stupid things that happen, are stupid results of evolution to deal with uncertainty–it uses energy and resource in activities that have small or negative utility. These matters delay advancement until the outcome is clear.

What all could possibly happen?

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