Another one Bites the Dust!!

This is funny news… Chinese solar panel company SunTech defaults on $541 million bond.

Man, the environment is down for the count, and human politics is getting in the way of wild spread use of solar power. Why? Because there appears to be an anti-dumping legislation in the works in the EU and US to prevent Chinese from dumping cheap solar panels in the markets

Btw, if you haven’t noticed, this blog is set to auto-publish. I might have won the lottery since I wrote this piece and gone away and these posts will appear automatically. It’s kind of funny, because there’s another news about some Taiwanese singer/actor posting instructions from Chinese government for him to bash Apple. Article is carried in fortune magazine site originally something called the TLN.

Like a typical American I read the news and thought, wow! that’s funny, wonder how much they paid the 820 party and how I can get in on it.

But wait, so,… how do we know if it’s the Chinese government paying him or if it’s another company that competes with Apple? Lenovo comes to mind as they make both PC’s, and Huawei is a big manufacturer of cellphones. What about Sony? Samsung? Nokia? All these competitors… why the fuck would Chinese government risk exposure and use a state-sponsor media in an attack?




Save us!


Give us some very basic ability to think critically!



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