The Chinese has Infected America Mentality

It’s Tuesday, 7/30/2012 and there is a small controversy at the Olympics. The American media (see below Google news search result, plus the TV for the past few hours) is reporting that America is complaining that a Chinese women has beat American men in swimming performance. I took a snap of results available to me right now and I cannot see why 4:05.18 gold medal performance in 400m IM by Ryan Lochte is beat by Chinese women Ye Shiwen’s 4:28.43. Her’s is a full 13 seconds slower!! WTF?

The world is about to end… Look at this massive disaster in India where there is more people without electricity than US and Canada population combined… and nearly all of Greenland’s ice cap has melted, but all of that cannot compare to the loss of American individual propaganda free mindset. 
THE CHINESE have had for the past three decades the observation that China is 阴盛阳衰: the Yin prospering and the Yang in decline, or “Weak” according to google translation today. The female Chinese athletes have in the past performed better in the international competitions than the Chinese men, things like soccer, volley ball, tennis… Chinese Men can only compete in Table Tennis and similar small-balled games. 

But today! All of American media have taken this same view and said that Chinese women is faster than American man even when the results are clearly not so. The Chinese women DID NOT JUST BEAT AMERICAN MAN IN SWIMMING. OH! MY!! FUCKING!!! GOD!!!! this is so fucking offensive to me as a Man, an American, and as a Chinese man!! And as an Internet professional that our industry lets this kind of crap seep into it’s mainstream.

The British authorities on the matter have declared that she won that women’s competition dope-free. Yet American media has refused to report on this. Even Google’s automatic algorithm is refusing to pick up the BBC headline on the matter. I mean, I even feel like suggesting that the Brits are just trying to kiss the Chinese’s ass in case it needs the goodwill economically in the near future. I mean, really? Did North Korea’s starving athletes just really won Gold in Judo? REALLY????

But a corrupt Olympic games, athletes and officials is not really a concern to me, as I am not an athlete and I am not uplifted by the Olympic spirit:
Citius, Altius, Fortius.
and I didn’t get up at 5 this morning to watch Olympics, and I most certainly did not get up early to watch American TV and least of all to read news on the Internet.
This is the end… mark my words…, the loss of Chinese moral, American media integrity, universal symbols of progress and betterment of men.

One thought on “The Chinese has Infected America Mentality

  1. This is a slight over reaction… The all the media said was that one Chinese women athlete might have taken drugs and swam faster than Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps in the same event (butterfly). That's hardly saying that “Chinese women beat American men” in general.

    Plus the British, who are friendly to America, have come straight and stands by the female Chinese athletes after tests revealed that she has taken no known stimulant.

    Allegations of genetically engineered Chinese athlete while racist on the surface, is actually not all that untrue. Assuming they are really uncaring of natural human rights and have no religious believes about “sanctity” of human genetics, then this is quite a problem. Because this may just be a test to see how their super human withstands our engineered human.

    I mean for god sakes. All these fucking Chinese people with whom I have to work and compete for my daily bread are so fucking smart and never sleeps, and gets paid so little money, and eats cats and dogs…, but worst of all, they seem smarter than me!! Work faster!! and are generally happier people than I. If we are competing in Americanism… their of pursuit of happiness is beating my own efforts!!

    What ever they are doing. it must be stopped!! I don't care if they achieve happiness by taking away human rights or changing genetics so they are happy when they are in pain and fatigue, or whatever! it is really hurting my American Dream!

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