What if you worked for Madoff

What would you do, if suddenly one day you stumble upon that extra floor in your office building where your company has been faking data all these years to create the appearance of profitability ?

The better question is, I suppose, how do I maintain my personal safety, my professional integrity, and my networth all at the same time?

Personal safety is important because often, your co-workers WILL HURT YOU if they think you are about to expose the company!

Professional integrity is important. This actually will give this whole blog it’s meaning. Because without professional integrity, it’s actually pretty easy to just keep an eye closed.

And finally maintaining networth will make this whole endeavour challenging. Because it’s very easy to just quit and not get the payoff. It is also easy to expose the company and not get any payoff.

So, what can a person do???

For my self, I want to actually start taking lawyer classes to learn the laws governing corporations and fraud. The Ponzi scheme apparently is illegal for reasons in addition to it’s structure: Fraud, Money laundaring, perjury, etc.

Each of these have specific meaning and is associated with actions. So by learning about the punishments for each count of illegality, I would be able to assess my risk and weighing the trade-offs.

For instance, would I be willing to trade 5% chance of 20 years in prison for a payoff of $10,000,000 in 5 years ?

Read that carefully: Ten Million Dollars for an expected prison time of 1 year (expected value)

For most people, the answer is no. But for some people, the answer might be yes…

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