What should the PRC do with Tibet?

I once heard a very interesting discussion (prc folks as it will become very obvious), about how the PRC can advance Tibet’s economy.

It is known to many people that Tibet is a located at a very high elevation. There is really nothing there except for mountains, snow, and lots of UV rays. The people discussing the subject suddenly came upon a suggestion

“We should legalize gambling and install casino’s in Tibet”

and it suddenly dawned on me… wait! that’s such a brilliant idea. Certainly United States is able to create an artificial economy in Nevada which is similarly barren….

“We’d have to ship in some prettier women…”
“Yeah! I’ve never seen a pretty Tibetan women before…”

the room exploded in discussions like a bag of popcorn in a microwave.

“We can also put lot’s solar panels up there, because it’s higher elevation, there’s less air to block the sun’s ray’s… we can generate lots of electricities up there”

“… And google can put computers up there, so they don’t have to spend money on cooling…”

(obviously many google employees amongst the crowd)

“… and we could make a nuclear waste dump, and charge per annum fee to the US and EU to store their nuclear waste…, until the material is no longer dangerously radio active”

Personally I think these are great ideas. But as an educated person, I have to given pause and consider the Tibetan people. As President Obama is about to meet the Dali Lama, (despite PRC protest),

In this time of continued economic crisis, it’s surprising that he continue to experience pressure to meet the Dali Lama. Are there lobbyist who have spare money right now to make this happen right now?

Okay, so, motivation aside, what is an outcome to the PRC-Dali-Lama relationship that would be favorable to the United States of America?

Dali incites civil war in the PRC. China spends lots of money fighting an internal war… and thus creating the Chinese Military-Industrial complex.


America goes in with Comandos and installs a military to support the Tibetan independence war. America get’s it’s stimulus, and economy recovers.

PRC is sure to respond… this is a war that we probably want to avoid for ever.

Dali is shamed into “kowtow”ing to the PRC, and become imprisoned in Beijing.

Big deal. The Tibetan religion won’t die. The Tibetan people will live on, and another religious leader will be born in their religious process. One person suffers a little bit

Everything remains status quo. Obama meets Dali, but neither says anything material, and the event evaporates quickly.

The Chinese may harbor  ill-will toward Obama. Or worse, it will probably attempt to mess with the American economy within it’s currently limited ways… delays “the American economic recovery” by at most 6 mo.; Not so bad outcome… Obama may still make re-election if he recovers..

America proactively create a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Dali Lama and the PRC. This may include Obama giving financial incentive (maybe indirectly) for Dali to engage in dialog and to be conciliatory in his activities…

This would be great for the PRC. And Obama may win a second Nobel Peace prize…

same as E.) but Obama to get the $ from the PRC.

Best solution yet. The United States looks great: solves an unsolvable problem, promotes human right, equality, American way of life, AND get paid for doing it.


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