Is shorthand for Completely Normal for You. It is commonly used to disarm tension when describing some condition of a person to that person. It also appear in its other guises:

Completely normal for a man your age

Completely normal for a women your age

Completely normal for a software engineer

Completely normal

Completely normal for an ESL(that’s English is Second Language)
Completely normal for you.

America with Chinese Characters

Been seeing a lot of people cursing this Dump guy after he won presidency. I think these Chinese people living in America needs to overcome the psychotic need induced by Chinese censors to misspell words. I don’t know all that they do to you, but I am constantly amazed by the fluency with which these misspellings are made, their creativity, their pervasiveness.  There may be no other artificial disorder so wide spread and persistent in the history of humanity!

This is America, you can say what you want to say in proper English, and nobody’s going to arrest you or otherwise harass you for expressing opinions. 

It is a popular opinion, no less!
You will NOT be harassed for saying you don’t like the president-elect!!! You will not be a lead in the FBI or the CIA system generated by an automated system that you have no visibility into!  Your speech will not trigger a series of very expensive activities performed by highly talented and professionally trained persons–all of which costs money that you pay in taxes. Saying it will NOT result in all your electronic communication subject to additional monitoring. Your speech will NOT be censored!

It’s America, say what you want to say!!!

I hate these secretive government crap that makes massive, no, gian-normous number of people, through multiple generations, crazy in the head with fear, uncertainty, doubt and bad spelling and grammar! 

Absolutely hate it!