The halting thought problem

One wonders if there are thoughts that people cannot have for those people who did have them did not continue on to be able to pass the thought onto others?

Just like a crashed computer cannot infect another computer with the virus that crashed it, could there be some group of thoughts inducible in normal humans that cause catastrophic problems so severe that those accidentally reaching it in the course of evolution actually never lived to tell?

Yoshua Bengio’s talk at the 2016 Bay Area deep learning school inspired this nightmare last night… What if just as we don’t need to drive a car and crash a thousand times to learn how not to crash a car, we have learned not to think of many things that would crash our own programming? Other somewhat subliminal messages that caused this nightmare was his computer crashing three or four times during the presentation.

What if the reason why we don’t know how human brain learn is because that knowledge would cause instability in human individual or society–to crash them–so severe that we have built-in mechanisms  that prevents us from understanding it? The same way it is easy for us to understand physics and logic and emotions, etc, etc, through same unknown mechanism, we are inhibited from having some class of knowledge or skill?

The obvious example would be for example if I derive a deterministic way to cause a person to stop peeing, or rather, if I learned to stop myself from peeing. That is an obvious example. But there could be other less obvious examples–things that cause psychological changes, inducing forgetfulness, ahh for example if I figured out how to forget and then immediately forgot how to do so. This kind of “bug” or boundary conditions seems very possible.

Aside from admitting that it is structurally possible, there is the added effect of evolution. If true, evolution theory tells us that those are precluded from happening strictly because those of us survives have evolved away these dangerous edge cases or otherwise developed very strong and redundant inhibitory systems to prevent them from occuring.

Lastly, is knowledge of how we learn such a dangerous knowledge? Do we constantly have mini-crashes, just as we are about to learn the secrets of knowledge, the learning of it, something peripheral, like a presentation software, crashes in us and prevents that thought from occuring?

Thankfully we know that we have not evolved away the ability to think about such possibility, perhaps there is still hope?

Real time democracy

Coming home from 2016 square holiday party. My thoughts are mixed but I find my self drawn to the question of real time democracy. Dorsey put up some Muslim, who declare that America is great, and paid him $XXX in equity in support of his Persuit of the American Dream!

This looming Trump administration anti-immigration and anti-islam principles are indeed troublesome. Alas I feel that the American 4-yr election cycle may have long delayed for popular opinions against immigrations. If Obama responded to these things, maybe we wouldn’t have a president whose big idea is to exclude aliens we want to exclude?!!

What if democracy is real time? What if people’s immediate decisions about matter are cast as vote and taken into consideration real time? What if campaigning is continuous operation necessitated by real time democracy? 

Great idea but how would it be implemented??? Let’s say that government actions are all completely transparent (much like square where staff meeting notes are sent to all company)

To instill democracy, commentary may be made on decisions and factors affecting them. Objections with sufficient support are voted on immediately by the entire population.

For one example, if police violence is perceived as a threat to basic human survival. We may find sudden objection to the social contract where police can st any time stop an individual in their car. With sufficient objection, the matter maybe put to a vote and the law may be changed right away that police can no longer make traffic stops based purely on “gut feeling”.

What’s a world where the law is that one does not have to stop when police siren rings behind you? By law, because popular opinion revoked the law police no longer have the right to operate their weapons. They have no super authority to exceed speed limit… etc.

This is not to pick on the police but merely to illustrate what could possibly happen. We may find that the entire population voted to displace this whole entire social contract. We may find this real time democracy abolished by real time votes. We may find that we abolish very brutal police laws in favor of no laws because everyone have become fearful of the brutal police laws that become in after when anybody commit crimes.

Real time democracy makes all of these possible. Of course social institutions live ACLU may be needed to speak for the few who have no voice. But I can now imagine it working.

For god sakes it’s not like the political offices don’t already use twitter/Facebook/social network to monitor popular opinions in real time. So if the politicians are ready for this, why are the populous kept from exercising their democratic opinion? 

We can handle it, follow our will! Now!

The world is ready for this! 

We have the technology!

We have the wisdom!

We have the idea to do so!

So let’s do this!

The addition of chlorine

The water in San Francisco stints of Chlorine. My own water on the peninsula is also supplied by the same Hetch Hetchy pipes. The smell has been around for a month now. Finding related information is difficult because this may happen every few months by various municipalities using said water supply.

One wonders if this is due to global warming? The winters are so warm that water needs additional treatment to be clean enough for tap?